The VITA program is sustained through the efforts of local volunteers. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience or level of commitment. In the past, the VITA program has benefitted from the talents of retired lawyers and other professionals. Moving into the future, we would like to invite anyone interested in braving the winter to join us. Volunteers may either sit in on our fall class, hosted by SUNY Cortland, or work online to learn the necessary information at the IRS's Link and Learn Taxes website. Volunteers may choose to take the IRS certification exam and become a tax preparer, or volunteer with the program by acting as a receptionist at our tax preparation sites.

To get started, send us an email:

SUNY Cortland Internship

Since 2013, SUNY Cortland students have given back to their local community by participating in an internship through the VITA program. In order to participate, students complete this application and email it to Students will be contacted to let them know if they've been accepted into the internship.

Once accepted, students will contact their advisers to enroll in a one credit course to learn the basics of tax preparation. This course is a blend of online information with homework, and hands on experience in the computer lab. In order to receive full credit for this course, the students must pass the IRS Basic certification test for preparing returns.

If students then choose to participate in the Spring Internship Program, they will be required to pass the IRS Advanced certification test. Once that test is completed, students are eligible to earn up to three credits at a rate of one credit hour for every 40 hours they intern. Students must provide their availability by the first of the year in order to ensure they are scheduled for the number of hours they've been registered for.

It is the student's responsibility to meet the requirements of the internship. Credit will not be given if the student is found to be negligent in maintaining their responsibilities.

Many students have enjoyed participating in this internship. It provides real world experience while giving back to the Cortland Community. Many interns moving on to graduate school or employment opportunities have received great references.