Thanks so much to Seven Valley Health Coalition for partnering with us again!

For this season, please be aware that the closing of the Ithaca program left over 1500 taxpayers without services. 211 and Cortland VITA are working hard to accommodate all taxpayers. Your patience and understanding is appreciated as we navigate this season.

COVID Disclaimer: As this service works with many individuals vulnerable to COVID, we ask that you not come if you're feeling ill, and will ask everyone to wear masks if the CDC transmission level is high. You can check Cortland's transmission level here: https://covidactnow.org/us/new_york-ny/county/cortland_county/?s=44953245

What we can do…

  • Free Federal and New York State tax preparation
  • Free Federal and New York State efiling
  • Free direct deposit for the very fastest receipt of your tax return
  • Free printed copies of your return at the time of filing
  • Want more support?
    • Use the Contact Us tab to email us and let us know what you need.

What you should bring…

  • Picture ID
  • Social Security Card or Statement for everyone on your return
  • All W-2 Forms from all employers throughout the year
  • Last year’s taxes (if available)
  • Information about tuition or student loan interest paid
  • If you paid for child care: totals, provider tax identification number, name and address
  • Any tax statements from retirement accounts or investment accounts
  • Account numbers for direct deposit of your tax return

Sorry, but we can’t do returns with…

  • International taxes
  • Business taxes with more than $10,000 in expenses
  • Household employment
  • Business partnerships
  • Adoption credits


Contact us at: info@cortlandfreetaxes.org