Get Your Refund Online

Cortland VITA is excited to announce a new partnership with another volunteer group, Code for America.  Code for America is a volunteer group of talented technicians and engineers who have developed a secure interface that we can use to prepare your taxes.  

Here's how it works:

  • Complete the questionnaire and upload documents (by taking pictures with your phone)
  • Your volunteer preparer and reviewer will contact you.
  • Once your completed return has been reviewed, you will be asked to take a look and be able to ask any questions you'd like.
  • Once you have approved your return, we will efile for free.

Click here to start the process:

"This was so easy and  super user friendly.  The questions were clear and easy to understand exactly what I needed to do.  I would definitely do this again," said a Cortland taxpayer that used this today.

"Try it with your phone!  It's so easy, it makes posting to facebook look hard." says Charlie

Want to do it yourself? Email me at